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Okinawa Mozuku .Fucoidan

Okinawa Mozuku .Fucoidan is a useful ingredient contained in seaweed which is attracting attention in alternative medicine industry. Among the oceans, it is said that fucoidan is abundantly contained in Mozuku near Okinawa, which grew up in rich sunlight.


We will send overseas Okinawa Mozuku .Fucoidan Agaricus from Japan.

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Fucoidan Capsules

contents 1 capsule300mg×150Capsules

Suggested Usage Take 4-6 capsules daily

Sale Price 15,000〔JPY〕

Fucoidan Granules
contents 1 sachet 1.5g×30 bag

Suggested Usage Take 1 bag daily

Sale Price 15,000〔JPY〕

 List of Delivery Days(EMS)

Area Country/Area name Average number of days
Asia India 3
Indonesia 5
Vietnam 7
Korea 3
Singapore 2
Sri Lanka 4
Thailand 2
Taiwan 2
China 5
Hong Kong 4
Pakistan 6
Bangladesh 7
Philippines 3
Philippines (Other Territories) 10
Malaysia 3
Oceania Australia 4
New Zealand 4
North America United States of America 5
Mexico 6
Middle East United Arab Emirates 7
Israel 5
Iran 4
Saudi Arabia 9
Turkey 8
Europe Italy 5
United Kingdom 2
Austria 5
Netherlands 2
Switzerland 3
Sweden 4
Spain 4
Denmark 3
Germany 3
Hungary 3
Finland 3
France 3
Belgium 6
Poland 4
Russian Federation 5
Africa Egypt 6
Ghana 4
South America Argentina 4
Brazil 5
Peru 4

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